Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Squat for Heart - Kick Off Fundraiser Event!

Squat for Heart - Kick off Fundraiser Event!

You didn’t really think we would leave you hanging on Day 1 to do 94 squats alone did you?! At Fearless Fitness we are all about Team Work and we think there is no better way to kick off a challenge than squatting it out with your team, and then having a party! 

Our kick off event on July 26th, 2013 will include a heart healthy 30 minute bootcamp style workout at Monarch Park @ 7pm (where we will commence Day 1 of our 30 day challenge) followed by a party at The Sidewalk Café @ 8pm where there will be light food, drinks, raffles, prizes and inspiring stories.

JOIN US! Come support The Heart and Stroke Foundation, Squat for Heart and Fearless Fitness as we strive to spread awareness on a matter that is very close to our heart. We know you might want toned arms and glutes but at Fearless Fitness we want you to have a toned heart!  

Contact us @ to register for the bootcamp, the party or both.

*Please note we will be collecting a $15 donation at the door of The Sidewalk Café, but a donation is not necessary to join us at the park.

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