Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Fearless Fitness is excited to announce the first annual 
Squat for Heart Challenge 
benefiting The Heart and Stroke Foundation!!

Heart disease and stroke is a leading cause of death for women in Canada and kills 7 times more women than breast cancer. Heart disease and stroke combined kills 34,192 women annually, 2,820 women in 30 days and 94 women daily.

Join Fearless Fitness’ Squat for Heart Challenge, where we will do 2,820 squats for 2,820 women! Our challenge will kick off at our event on July 26th, run for 30 days and commence August 24th. During the 30 days of our challenge we will do 94 squats a day for a total of 2,820 squats! That number represents the 2,820 women who will die from heart disease and stroke within those 30 days.

We know what you are thinking “94 squats a day – there is no way I can do it!”. Try this – do 10 squats right now! Great! Now you just have to do that 8 more times through-out the day and add an extra 4 on at the end! Keep in mind it is a challenge and it is meant to be hard. When it gets really hard, think of how much harder it would be to suffer from heart disease or a stroke and remember how lucky you are that you CAN do 94 squats a day! 

Want to get in on the challenge? Our challenge is open to the public, so please contact Jordan or Lindsay at fearlessfitness@live.ca to register and get squatting!

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